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The Maine Soil Health Network supports, informs and incentivizes farmers to improve the health of their soils and the resilience of their farms for the future.

The Maine Soil Health Network is a program created by Maine Farmland Trust and the Wolfe’s Neck Center that supports farms in learning about the effects of different farm management practices on the farm’s soil and deciding which practices to use in the future.

Soil degradation through agriculture is a major global threat, as farming practices like intensive tillage and the use of chemical fertilizers lead to not only soil loss through erosion and run-off, but also greater carbon emissions and reduced carbon sequestration. Participation in the Maine Soil Health Network allows farms to learn about the impacts of their farm management practices on their soil health. Farmers will also see how their soil health outcomes compare to previous years, learning whether their management practices are improving or reducing soil health over time.

Learn more about the Soil Health Network.

Maine Soil Health Network Blog

The Soil Health Network blog shares behind-the-scenes information about the SHN’s work. Read the Soil Health Network blog.

Our Partners

MFT’s core partner for the Soil Health Network is the Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment, whose OpenTEAM Initiative is working to develop open source software that allows farmers to track and measure soil health on their farms. The Network uses some of these tools in our data collection! Meet the partners behind the Soil Health Network.


The current members of the Maine Soil Health Network are:

If you are looking for more information on the Soil Health Network or have questions, please contact Climate Resilience Specialist Sarah Simon (

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